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Effective Ways to Utilize Replica Food

※This picture is all Replica Foods

Replica food is not just placed down without careful thought going into how best to utilize it. How replica food is used leads to a significant difference in revenue and the number of diners it helps to attract.
In fact, it is often the case that monthly revenue has increased by $1,800 to $2,700 just by placing the replica food at a particular angle.

※1 USD = JPY 110.34(2021/07/12)


Amount of Replica Food

Even displaying only one piece of replica food can produce certain results, but the best results are achieved by displaying about 20 to 30 different replica foods. By displaying many types of replica foods, the display is visible from a distance and it creates a sense of enjoyment where diners choose which dish they want to order.
Also, when arranging the replica food as a display, the replica food produces the best results when the tableware overlaps slightly.


The Angle of Replica Food

It is best to raise the replica food at an angle between 45 to 60 degrees! The perfect angle is one that makes you think that perhaps it’s a little too much.


Freshness of Replica Food

Replica food has the opposite effect to what it is initially intended for if it is faded or covered with dust. It is bright and colorful replica food that encourages potential diners to eat at your restaurant.



If the replica food is always the same and the display is always the same, it will blend into the restaurant’s appearance and its impact on increasing sales will deteriorate. Make changes to your display and your replica food on a regular basis.



Lighting is absolutely essential when using replica food. This is because light has the effect of drawing people in and stimulates their desire to eat. Make sure the lights are spread throughout the display case.