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Company Profile

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Replica food was originally invented around 1917 as cooking models used in hospitals and other such facilities in order to give guidance on improving nutrition. Our founder, Takizo Iwasaki, was the first to commercialize replica food as a promotional tool for restaurants.

Around 1930, Takizo, who was first shown a cooking model by an acquaintance, remembered that when he was a child, he loved to drop wax into water and make it bloom like a flower, and he was convinced that the cooking model he was shown was made of wax.

Because Takizo, who had been good at drawing since he was a child, had a knack for doing intricate things with his hands, and was an apprentice to a pharmaceutical wholesaler when he was little and thus possessed expertise in various medicines, he decided to use his skills and expertise to commercialize replica food and popularize it throughout Japan.

Working with his wife, Suzu, he devised a manufacturing method through much trial and error and created a model that had a far greater impact than the dish models that had been on the market up to that point. From this, Takizo founded “Iwasaki Seisakusho,” the predecessor of what is now known as Iwasaki Co., Ltd. (1932).

At first, Takizo used to go around to small diners with a wooden box in both hands. He gradually expanded the company’s sales channels nationwide by making business trips to produce and sell his replica foods as well as opening sales offices.

We have continued our journey together with the development of the Japanese restaurant industry, and replica foods have taken root as an indispensable “sales promotion tool” in the restaurant scene in Japan.

It has been 90 years since Iwasaki was founded, and now replica food is not limited to Japan but can be seen all over the world, including parts of the globe such as China and Southeast Asia, as well as the United States and Europe.

Our knowledge and expertise developed over the years will contribute to helping restaurants around the world succeed.