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What Is Replica Food?

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“Replica food” (also called imitation plastic food) is an essential part of entrances at restaurants in Japan.

Anyone who visits Japan has no doubt been taken aback by how sophisticated and life-like the replica food is here.
But replica foods are more than just models of dishes on the menu. It is a very powerful device for restaurants to draw in customers. We often hear that revenue shot up by 130-140% right after a restaurant introduced our replica food.

The Secrets Behind the Impact of Replica Food


A Life-like Appearance That Stimulates the Appetite of Potential Diners

Our replica food, which is elaborately reproduced on a one-of-a-kind basis by the experienced hands of our artisans, looks even more authentic than the real thing, directly stimulates the appetite of those who set their eyes on it, and encourages potential diners to place an order at the restaurant.


An Advertising Billboard That Alerts Passersby of a Restaurant Nearby

The replica food on display by the entrance of the restaurant can be seen from a distance and helps diners spot that there is a restaurant nearby.


“What Should I Order?”

Potential diners may plan on just looking at each piece of replica food to see how delicious the food on offer is, but this soon changes to a feeling of “what should I order?”, thus beckoning potential diners inside. That's the Magic of Replica Food!


Ensuring a Smooth Process up to Placing an Order

Diners can look at the replica food in the restaurant’s display by the entrance and decide what they want to order before entering the restaurant. This significantly reduces the time spent before placing an order, leading to an improved diner turnover rate.


"Next time, I want to eat another food meal!"

When leaving a restaurant, every satisfied customer unknowingly takes a look at the display of replica food. This leaves a lasting impression on the diners as they decide in advance what they want to order when they next come back. This helps ensure repeat diners.